via Daily Prompt: Perfume

Dear Mother,

You were everything did you know? I remember standing there wanting to be what you wanted. As you stood there spraying on that cheap smell. That dollar store fragrance. Standing in one of the three bathrooms in that suburban house you owned. In that pretty area that we lived in. Where every neighbor owned a pool. Where I often wondered if they could hear your voice carrying out from the garage door or his drunken voice trying to out beat yours.

The scent of your perfume from the cheap smell to the smell of that Gucci perfume that I could finally afford to buy you. To cover up the hurt. To cover up the hatred that I buried deep inside. As if one bottle could erase the hurt that had been carried over from the years of emotional abuse.

So I bought it and gave it to you with a smile. And watched again as you sprayed it on in the same bathroom with the double sided sink. As I stood beside you and prepared myself for a date and you for an outing with my father that you loved so dearly.

Wearing that expensive perfume. Only then was I slightly enough.

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